Musings in Oils

  1. SOLD Vineyard on a Hill
    SOLD Vineyard on a Hill
  2. SOLD Vancouver Bungalow
    SOLD Vancouver Bungalow
  3. SOLD Blueberry Fields
    SOLD Blueberry Fields
  4. SOLD Delta Farmland
    SOLD Delta Farmland
  5. SOLD Blue Mountains
    SOLD Blue Mountains
  6. Back Lane Wisteria
    Back Lane Wisteria
  7. SOLD Evening on McBride
    SOLD Evening on McBride
  8. City View
    City View
  9. Driveways
  10. Parkway
  11. Landscape, autumn, pacific northewest, Oilpainting
  12. Title 15
    Title 15
  13. The Neighbours Vineyard
    The Neighbours Vineyard
  14. Birches
  15. SOLD Sunset
    SOLD Sunset
  16. SOLD Cranberries
    SOLD Cranberries
  17. Beach View
    Beach View
  18. Tofino Tracery
    Tofino Tracery
  19. The Neighbourhood
    The Neighbourhood

Eulogy of the Family Home

Giclee prints in runs of 10 in Archival Quality

  1. The Young, The Ghetto?
    The Young, The Ghetto?
  2. Immigrant Needs Roof
    Immigrant Needs Roof
  3. Home From the War
    Home From the War
  4. Migrations
  5. I Want to Win the Lottery
    I Want to Win the Lottery
  6. My Father Built this House
    My Father Built this House
  7. As in a Dream
    As in a Dream
  8. Unplugged
  9. Magic Required
    Magic Required