1. Tribute Bench
    Tribute Bench
  2. Vineyard on a Hill
    Vineyard on a Hill
  3. North Okanagan
    North Okanagan
  4. Westminster Highway
    Westminster Highway
  5. Vancouver Bungalow
    Vancouver Bungalow
  6. Blueberry Fields in Autumn
    Blueberry Fields in Autumn
  7. SOLD
  8. Cherry Blossoms
    Cherry Blossoms
  9. SOLD
  10. Up in the Air
    Up in the Air
  11. The Ghosts of our Past
    The Ghosts of our Past
  12. Left Hanging
    Left Hanging
  13. The Braid St Mews
    The Braid St Mews
  14. The Urban Unicorn
    The Urban Unicorn